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Tracy Jordan's 24 Best Lines On "30 Rock"

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Shark Week art print

This is a print from an original drawing of Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock's quote "Live every week like it's shark week" The artwork is printed on acid free white photo paper, sealed in an archival bag & backed with a sturdy board so t

32 Life Lessons From 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy

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I used to use this word regularly...I stopped only because things got more frequent than a fortnight

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17 "30 Rock" Products That'll Make You High Five A Million Angels

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11X17 30 Rock LIZ LEMON Quotes Poster: Wisdom Of Liz Lemon

The Wisdom of Liz Lemon. Favorites: I want to go to there, High-fiving a million angles, deal breaker (s that d, shut it down), not on my watch b-otch, there ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is MANDATORY!

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30 Rock: "Liz, it's ok to be a human woman." "No, it's not! It's the worst! Because of society!" (gif)

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Friday Freebies - More 30 Rock Printables

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“Blammo! Another successful interaction with a man!” “Working on my night cheese.” “He got a taste of the lemon… and it was not sour.” “I’m going to go talk to some food about this” “I’m going to put my mouth on his mouth.” “Blerg.” What the what?!” “I want to go to there.” - Liz Lemon, #30 Rock

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30 rock. Watched the series through 3 times and still not sick of it. Favorite quote "Welcome all to the memorial service/freezing of Donald H. Geiss. You were the last of a dying breed. I'll never forget the first thing he ever said to me. "These are all hookers. Pick one."

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