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Grey country kitchen from Plain English


JOHN PIPER BEACH AT DONEGAL, c1937 watercolour, collage and mixed media 15 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches 39.3 x 52 cm


wedding planning binder best photos

Save lots of money by making your own DIY wedding planning binder! This was the table of contents for my DIY wedding planning binder. All you need is a binder (at least 3"), at least 20 dividers with tabs, at least 1 folder for every section, and a 3-hole puncher and sticky note tabs come in handy! Put your favorite photo of you and your fiancé on the front of the binder! Organization = fun and less stress! Carry it with you everywhere you go to store documents, notes and pics of ideas you..


Mitosis Foldable - Big Foldable for Interactive Notebooks or Binders

This Mitosis Big Foldable gives students enough room to write down all the events that occur in mitosis. It also includes interphase to reinforce the idea that DNA replication occurs BEFORE mitosis. The foldable is also great for coloring and an all-in-one place study guide when it is complete. It takes 3 sheets cut along dotted lines and taped together to create the one large foldable. Your students will love it!


Binder Genius! Hannah, an AVID Student from Hardee Junior High School invented a terrific system for carrying her binder!