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Shapify now has a booth in Manchester that scans your body and then makes a figurine "selfie"

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Our 20 th anniversary rings! Men's or Women's White and Brown Diamond 0.50CTW 10K White Gold Wedding Band GND58473

Модель зернохранилища с переписчиками, Египет, из гробницы Meketre, Фивы, ок. 1981-1975 г. до Р. Х. (Среднее царство, XII Династия). Материал:

Stitch-spiration--could this basic outline be stitched for my favorite Derby girl #77 Lay em Lola?

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Neat but $$$$$$$$$$: Cat furniture / tree KletterLetter letter K by KletterLetter

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Industrial 3D printing company Carbon (formerly Carbon3D) has just today unveiled its first commercial 3D printer, the M1, along with seven new proprietary resin materials.

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hack an inexpensive doll to be poseable

I have noticed a strange inequity between the poseability of girls and boys dolls. Most of the female dolls have stiff arms and legs which permit them to do little more than model clothing. To rectify this, I will attempt to turn a very cheap Dollar Tree girls toy doll into a fully poseable action figure.

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