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Hillbilly Rod & Custom National Car Show 8/24/2013 Prolux '63 Impala-


Dean: "Sammy, what the hell are you doing with my angel?!" Sam: "We needed something for the tree topper. Cas volunteered." Cas: "I most certainly did not. I said I would help decorate the tree, not sit upon it. Sam: "Semantics, Cas." Dean: "Sam, put Cas down or so help me...-_-"


2013 Impala - Best selling car of America

2013 Impala Impala was one of the best selling cars of America and the 2013 Impala model has features that can help it catch the imagination of customers once again. Performance & Fuel economy Features Interior & Exterior Safety & Quality...


Supernatural Mania on

Just a gentle reminder that Dean didn't start out as the cocky, jockish, hard-hitting, love-'em-and-leave-'em, womanizing drifter...and that he still slips up sometimes.


W-bodies are Buick Regal 1988+, Buick Century 1997-2005, Chevrolet Lumina 1990-2001, Monte Carlo 1995+, Impala 2000-2013, Olds Cutlass Supreme and Intrigue, Pontiac Grand Prix 1988+, I may have missed some...