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Ache Din for 2002 Gujarat riots accused, granted bail for sixth time

Remarks on riots meant for political class: Yashwant Sinha - FrontPageIndia BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Monday said that his remarks on the 2002 Gujarat riots were not meant to advise Narendra Modi or the BJP, but were a message for the entire political class.

Latest News : Rahul Gandhi slams Narendra Modi acquittal over 2002 Gujarat riots

2002 Gujarat riots was a three-day period of inter-communal violence in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Following the initial incident there were further outbreaks of violence in Ahmedabad for three weeks; statewide, there were further outbreaks of mass killings against the minority Muslim population for three months.The burning of a train in Godhra which caused the deaths of 58 Hindu pilgrims and religious workers returning from Ayodhya, is believed to have triggered the violence.

‘The way the media and courts reacted to the ‘84 tragedy, was a big contrast to how they responded to the 2002 Gujarat riots’

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Breaking Newsstream: Modi sad but has no guilt over 2002 Gujarat riots,...

Will Modi’s calculations pay off? - FrontPageIndia It is high time we stop asking Narendra Modi to express regret for what happened during the 2002 Gujarat riots because he has finally come out with the truth that his government used its “full strength” to do the “right thing”.

#eChunav => 2002 Gujarat riots: Verdict on Zakia Jafri's plea against clean chit to Narendra Modi likely today. Now its time for Modi to answer some major questions. Was Narendra Modi responsible for the 2002 Gujarat Riots? To answer, Click on the link below:

2002 Gujarat riots: Verdict in Gulberg Society massacre case likely today | india-news | Hindustan Times