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19th Amendment Summary

from The Huffington Post

27 Badass Images Of Women Winning And Exercising The Right To Vote

A few year later women win the right to vote in provincial elections in Manitoba,Saskatchewan, and Alberta years had passed when finally Canadian women win the right to vote in federal elections over the age of 21. *Asian,black and first nations people are not aloud to vote*


Contrabands at Headquarters of General Lafayette, American Civil War - fugitive slaves, cooks, laundresses, laborers, railroad repair crews, etc. fled to the Union Army but were not officially freed until 1863 by the Emancipation Proclamation.

In his web series, John Green provides a summary of the history of the United States from pre-colonization to modern day. Extremely interesting and informative! Episode #33


I'll drink to that: Prohibition repeal turns 75

This Day in History: Jan 16, 1919: Prohibition takes effect in the US


The American Revolution was more than just a protest against English authority-- As it turned out, the American Revolution provided a blueprint for the organization for a Democratic society.