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This editorial comes from a 1967 Seventeen magazine issue. The dresses the women are wearing give off the mod look that was popular in the time period. The geometric prints, along with the target pattern, were most popular.


1970's I must say that little pink dress in the middle was also popular in 1968. I know, because I made it to wear at school. I was called "Babydoll" Dress.


The 1950′s innovative furniture designers worked with modern materials and shapes to create simple pieces. Furniture: materials such as plywood and plastic with simple and elegant shapes. Textile: inspired by the modernist movement and the modern atomic trend. Lucienne Day and Boucle were popular. Accessories: tripod lamps designed by Eames and George Nelson, plates and racks for magazines and A Bakelite telephone - Raybelle Linoleum, Surfray No. 80