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Chicago Cubs 1908 Vintage World Series Handmade Ticket Sign by Old Glory Soldiers

A HISTORICAL WORLD SERIES: CHICAGO CUBS V. CLEVELAND INDIANS 2016 | Two of baseball’s longest championship droughts is about to end. The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will face head-to-head at the World Series on Tuesday, October 25th. The Indians are looking to seek their first World Series title in 68 years, the Cubs haven’t won it all since 1908. Start date: OCT. 25, 2016 End date: NOV. 02, 2016

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Cubs haven't triumphed since 1908 but tech sure has - CNET The Chicago Cubs are back in the World Series for the first time since 1945 and more infamously they havent won it since 1908. In the 108 years that have passed there have been two World Wars empires have fallen and been rebuilt and tech has grown exponentially. The Cleveland Indians the Cubs opponent in the 2016 World Series havent done much better the team hasnt won a World Series title since 1948. Less than two weeks before the…

Chicago Cubs 1908 World Series Champions Panoramic Canvas Print

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During the preseason, many were expecting the Cubs to make a run at their first World Series title since 1908. Everything seemed to be on track: a budding...

Champs at last: Chicago Cubs win first World Series title since 1908

1908 World Series players | Chicago Cubs win first World Series title since 1908 -

1908 World Series players | World Series 2016: 10 things that happened since the Cubs won it all ...

Tinker to Evers to Chance

The Chicago Cubs announced that they will soon introduce a new mascot: Clark the Cub. Description from I searched for this on