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Duke. of Suffolk (Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk). Henry's closest friend, he married Mary, the King's sister. The King banished him from court for a period after this, as Brandon did not seek his permission to marry Mary. However, he was eventually reinstated at court and was married to Mary, producing 4 children, until her death from Tuberculosis.

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Katherine Parr - Catherine Parr (1512 – 5 September 1548), also spelled Kateryn, was the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII, 1543–1547.

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A. of Cleves (Anne of Cleves) by Richard Burchett Date painted: 1854–1860 Oil on panel, 182.8 x 91.4 cm Collection: Parliamentary Art Collection

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1850s Day dress | Tätmönstrad in bright blue on a white ground, low-cut neck and long, wide sleeves with ruffles, three ruffles on the skirt. | KULTUREN

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