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To the left: 230 pounds, to the right: 160 pounds. (: #fitspo #beforeandafter #weightloss

I'm 5'9" and 160lbs..which is healthy, except my waist measurement isn't! So, roll on losing weight!! :)

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These are healthy weights, for the average body of each frame and height. This isn’t for you to say “ew that’s fat” or to say “yay I’m 20lbs under my healthy weight” You also can’t pick your frame or change your frame, but you can find out what it is here. This is about health, and a healthy lifestyle. Every body is different

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Kodi Bear as a puppy. 7 years & 160 pounds ago by Deb Heary McAtee(fb ‎Newfoundland Dog Lovers)

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*skinny. Skinnier implies that I'm already somewhat skinny, which I'm not. I want to be skinny.

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