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Christo Unveils Inflatable, Light-Infused Installation in Germany

Christo. The “largest indoor sculpture ever made”. Opened on March 16 2013, the inflated “Big Air Package” was designed to occupy a 117-meter-tall former gas tank known as Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany. The 90-meter-high, 50-meter-wide sculpture was made from 20,350 square metres of semi-transparent polyester fabric and 4,500 meters of rope, with a volume of 177,000 cubic metres. This was the first major work after the passing of his wife and artistic partner Jeanne-Claude in 2009

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London Bridge explained

Old London Bridge in 1745 by Joseph Josiah Dodd. Bridge construction was finished in 1209, being 8metres wide & supported by 19 arches. Over time, London Bridge became increasingly crowded & unsafe with fire being the most common hazard. By the 1500s the buildings on the bridge reached up to seven stories high & hung over the river. By the 1700s, common sense and health and safety took control. Between 1758 and 1762, all of the buildings on the bridge were demolished.


Castillo Colomares (Colomares Castle) at Benalmadena Pueblo, Spain pays homage to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America. Its beautifully kept gardens complement the Byzantine, Roman, Gothic and Mudejar architecture perfectly. Built by Esteban Martin and two stonemasons from nearby Mijas, it took from 1987 to 1994 to create this masterpiece.


Kelly Holmes. Middle distance athlete.  Born Kent.  Won gold for Britain in 800 and 1500 metres in the Athens Olympics, 2004.  Awarded DBE in 2005. Awarded an honorary degree  by London South Bank University in 2010 so we guess she has local connections but we can't be more precise. Happy Birthday Kelly <3


Not a bad Crossfit workout. Could also have done with equal distance of paced running instead of rowing.


narwhals narwhals swimmin in the ocean / causin a commotion / cause they are so awesome


The wood-blocks are hand carved in elaborate designs, each colour is printed with a different block to complete the motif. A high degree of skill is required for both the placement of motifs and the application of pressure. Altogether there can be as many as 16 blocks to create a 5 colour design. A set of blocks can be used to print on average 1500-2000 metres of fabric.


Verdon Gorge, France, in south-eastern France, is a river canyon that is often considered to be one of Europe's most beautiful. It is about 25 kilometres long and up to 700 metres deep.


The Baton Blue Butterfly, with wingspan no longer than a thumbnail and range of only 100m, is the world's smallest butterfly and is found only on and around Mt Sinai and depends on a single species of plant, the Sinai Thyme, for its life cycle. In turn, the Sinai Thyme can only survive under certain conditions of temperature and humidity and is now restricted to a few isolated patches above 1500 m and is also threatened by grazing goat herds. by wilderness-ventures-egypt…


The Lady of Mali (Guinea), is a masterpiece of nature, at 1500 m altitude on Mount Lour. It is the image of a remarkable beautiful woman’s figure carved into the rock by wind erosion during ages, and visible at great distance in its full shape. The "Lady of Mali" is located on a high rock wall over a abyss. The head is about 25 meters high, while the entire sculpture is about 150 meters high.