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260 lbs 150 lbs. People ask me everyday how I did it. and especially how I kept going... even on the bad days. Honestly its a mindset. If you can change your mind you can change your body. Changing the way you think is more than half the battle. You have to want it badly enough to endure the pain of change. Which there will be pain. And you have to be willing at any given moment... to give up temporary sastisfation for long term success. I made up my mind People ask me everyday how I did…


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Body Weight Workouts for Women | All women weight 150 Each Woman Weighs 150 Lbs volleyball


Stephanie lost 150 lbs with Jazzercise and was featured in @People Magazine!!


How to Lose 150 Lbs. While Avoiding Saggy Skin

Losing 150 lbs. is an excellent accomplishment. It takes real dedication to shed that many pounds. However, if you do it too quickly, you might be left...


Audrey Johns: Author and Weight Loss Blogger

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