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Eddie Izzard & the cunning use of flags. "Sorry, no flag, no country!"

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Colonial America in 1754 showing the 13 Colonies - The colonial history of the United States covers the history of European settlements from the start of colonization of America until their incorporation into the United States. In 1492, a Spanish expedition headed by Christopher Columbus sailed for India to sell, buy, and trade rich spices and other goods, inadvertently discovering what is today North America.

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At it’s greatest extent, the British empire was known as the largest empire in history, as it covered more than 13,000,000 square miles, which is approximately a quarter of the Earth’s total land area, and controlled more than 500 million people – again a quarter of the world’s population. As a result, the legacy it imprinted on these conquered lands is tremendous in terms of political reform, cultural exchanges and way of life. The English language, which it spread, is the second…

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New Hampshire State Flag June 21, 1788 Province of New Hampshire, then sovereign state in Confederation