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10mm Copper Pipe

The Mini Pipe Bender is pocket sized but powerful. Three-in-one former and guide are calibrated for setting out left, right or offset bends up to 90° on 6mm, 8 mm and 10 mm outside diameter copper tubing.

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上匠工具手动弯管器空调铜管铝管手动弯管机6 8 10mm弯管工具包邮-tmall.com天猫

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A strong, sturdy construction allows the TEKTON Three-Size Tubing Bender to easily and smoothly bend metal without any crimping.

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First, a few tips.... I've learned that copper tubing, for the most part, comes with two different wall thicknesses. The thicker (type L) is generally used for plumbing and the one that I have found works best (in my opinion) is type M which weighs less, is easier to cut and works great with enamel.

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Another quality tool to add to the Hassle Free Plumbing Van. This tool is designed to lift the handle of the body of a tap.

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