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100th Day Of School 2016

Jacobs 100th day of school shirt. 11 hand prints on front and 9 on the back. Total of 100 fingers.


The BFG Dream Jar Trail - celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th birthday (and the release of The BFG movie). MUST see!! ♥


To celebrate the "100th Day of School" students were supposed to wear 100 of something. So going with the theme of "I survived 100 days..." we chose bandaids. We put 95 bandaids on the t-shirt and he wore 5 on his body. On the back we added "So did Mrs.Major!!" (his teacher, God bless her)


100th Day of School shirt idea. Super easy. My daughter enjoyed putting her thumbprints on it. Great for a kindergartner.

"when I'm 100 years old" portraits… Made these with Kindergarten last year. I love this idea for 100 days of school!

100th day of school shirt made with 100 thumb prints and fabric paint.