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1000 Ways To Die Television Series they use texting cell phones and tweets. When they are not watching The Weather Channel? Or watching volcanoes erupting worldwide and the news? FEMA knows disasters continue! And!, they have computers! 1000 Ways To Die be a lot of boards on pinterest disasters dont you think?


Yeah see this is why I don't like Snape. Maybe it was all for love but there was absolutely NO REASON for him to be this awful to a little kid. Yeah sure if he had been the chosen one instead of Harry then Lily would've lived. If Neville was the chosen one and Alice died for him, Lily and James would get tortured into insanity. Even if that didn't happen they in the Order, James was a blood traitor and Lily was a muggleborn so that wasn't going to end well either way

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Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water: Round 29, Nick’s choice

Simon and Garfunkel - Here is my song for the asking,Ask me and I will play So sweetly I'll make you smile.This is my tune for the taking.Take it, don't turn away. I've been waiting all my life.Thinking it over, I've decided Thinking it over, I'd be more than glad to Change my ways for the asking Ask me and I will play All the love that I hold inside This is my song.


That's almost as stupid as the poet who died on one of the boats back home from one of the world wars from an infected mosquito bite


UL WILL FOREVER BE THE BEST ICE MADGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELSA DIDNT GIVE UP HER OWN LIFE TO SAVE THE POEPLE SHE CARED ABOUT, DID SHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!<----- Ur is the most amazing ice madge and no one will ever convince me otherwise