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Review by Priyanjana

Well, for me it is number one and I was delighted when recently received this wonderful product from Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt. Ltd based in Delhi. And I gave this a try. I was already using my normal medicated wash before this , but I have to say this made me shift! Everteen Natural intimate wash is 100% natural , pH balanced intimate wash.
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Smells nice and mild , exactly what is expected. No one would like and over powering smell for these products

The wash is a yellow slightly runny liquid which is very easy to use. The packaging is a 105ml transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap which is very tightly sealed and the bottle is also very small in size ! so perfect for traveling.

For us as women we need to keep our intimate parts clean and it is a necessity if you are very active or else it can even result to vaginal infections! I stay in a hostel and share bathrooms ( it is a nightmare !!) so I need to take extra care of my vaginal cleanliness and this wash has proven to be very effective. #naturalintimatewash #everteen #intimatehygiene