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lucintheart: Finished drawing Luna and Artemis! Just fulfilling a delayed girlhood dream! I can rest in peace if I died tomorrow, haha. Graphite on paper.

Pufferfish (Arothron stellatus?) by Jacopo Werther: Capable of surprising bursts of speed when pursued, a back up defense mechanism is to fill its extremely elastic stomach with water until it is much larger and almost spherical in shape. All puffers have

Ragdoll is a very intelligent blue eyed cat breed. They learn very quickly from the dogs and always copy the styles of a puppy. It looks very amazing when they act like a dog. And they grow very big in size relatively. A male ragdoll may weigh about More

Day When I got into Sailor Moon: in February I wanted to watch it, but ultimately read the manga first and LOVED it. Technically I started watching it when I was but I entered the fandom when I was

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My name is Katie. I live in England. Studying Anthropology at Durham. I like food and films and books. Twitter: @BernardtheBaker Skype: katikinsbird Snapchat: katiewantspie Insta: katiewantspie feel free to add