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TyreMag, tyre service centre, is considered to be one of the leading tyre specialists in the area, so much so, that demand has led them to open a brand new Kumho Tyre Platinum Dealership centre in Glenelg.


Brand New Kumho Platinum TyreMag Centre Opens in Glenelg, South Australia

  Kumho Tyre has launched its newest innovation; the Road Venture MT51. Designed to handle on and off road driving, the MT51 is a multi-purpose and adaptable 4WD tyre, which is perfect for Australia’s open roads and more rugged terrain. After extensive product development and testing in Broken Hill, the MT51 was specifically manufactured to suit the Aussie environment. Most tyres fitted to cars in Australia are designed, developed and manufactured overseas. They are not put together with Australia’s harsh environment in mind. However, the MT51 is specifically constructed to handle everything our landscape can throw at it. It is this level of specificity to Australia that sets Kumho apart. Kumho’s on-off road technology includes a dual pitch, staggered center tread blocks, which provide excellent mud and rock crawling performance. This also maintains the structural integrity of the tyre and also guarantees evenly spread tyre deterioration. An improvement in durability means cracks, cuts, chips, and stone drilling are a thing of the past. This extends the life of the tyre greatly, and cuts down on expensive replacements. The traction performance of the MT51 includes a 3 level height block, greatly improving rigidity. A zigzag groove and notching shoulder both reduce sidewall damage and increase off road traction. The MT51 is set up with special mud and stone emission technology. A stone reject bar and under groove decoration minimises stone penetration. This is yet another feature intended to extend the lifespan of the tyre, improving safety and adding value. The MT51 is an exciting new improvement in dual application tyres. Australian roads of all conditions have never been as accessible while maintaining durability and safety. Source Url:-   

Kumho MT51 – Designed for the Australian Environment

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Today, car owner eagerly looks for fuel saving tyres because the maintenance cost is increasing with every passing time and everybody finds to use quality best as well we affordable product that does not burn their pocket heavenly.

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