Which famous Linux OS is based on Debian? 1) Red Hat Linux 2) SUSE Linux 3) Ubuntu #Debian #RedHat #SUSELinux #Ubuntu

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How to Choose RAID Configuration? Is it difficult to find an effective and suitable #RAID type for your #IT infrastructure among different RAID systems? Let's help you to choose a proper #RAIDsystem according to the requirements.

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It’s End of Mainstream and Extended Support for Microsoft #SQLServer !! Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and patches after April 12th 2016, which means business at threat need to awaken. Read more to find why to upgrade from #SQL Server 2005 to the next level. http://goo.gl/zuhAA4

Let’s take a look at the File managers available for #Linux #Fedora, some of which reproduce a graphical interface for easy to use… http://goo.gl/NR35V7

Today, we’ll study the interest in centralized logs and especially how to do it for Cisco Systems (router, switch…). In this tutorial, we are assuming you already have an operational log server. So let’s begin… #ciscosystems #remoteserver

Which Edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with unlimited virtualization? 1. Standard Edition. 2. Enterprise Edition. 3. Datacenter Edition. 4. Essentials Edition. #WindowsServer #virtualization

In Hyper-V 2016 Live Migration can also be done though command line using Windows Power Shell and WMI scripting... 1. True 2. False #hyperv2016 #hyperv

The new Hyper V 2016 gives the admin ability to Add and Remove Network Adapter without rebooting the Virtual Machine. Which is only allowed in Generation ____? 1. Generation 1 2. Generation 2 #HyperV #WindowsServers

How do you call an unused hard disk under the RAID 5 mode? a) Disk ghost (ghost disk) b) Rescue Disk (rescue disk) c) Hot spare (spare disk) #RAID #RAID5

Can you choose the odd one? a) HP-UX b) AIX c) OSX d) Slackware e) Solaris #operatingsystems

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