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Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Robots at Work - Will it pose a threat to workforces? Share your views with us! A) If yes, then why B) If no, then why #ArtificialIntelligence #InternetOfThings

How #IoT is changing our World? The #Internet of Things is a challenge for the industry, as billions of objects will be #connected soon. It’s also a major issue in #IT.

Core Banking has changed the way you Bank! Check out how the #CoreBanking is the modern banking solution and has changed the #banking behaviour of individuals and #businesses. Read Here!

Enterprise BYOD #Security: Cloud Computing Improves it! Can the #CloudComputing help make enterprise #BYOD safer? The article describes just how the #Cloud does so.

Fundamental skills to succeed with Hybrid IT! Business #technology is evolving from traditional environment to Hybrid #IT. Know here the fundamental #skills to #succeed with hybrid IT.

#IoT Improves Business Profits and Competitive Edge The #Internet of Things is revolutionizing how we do #business. Here’s how to use IoT to gain that competitive edge. #internetofthings #cloudcomputing #mobilecomputing #itsolutions #cloud #datacenter

Step Into the Internet of things future. The Internet of Things represents a kind of neologism that refers to the extension of the Internet to the world of ordinary objects. #IoT #CloudRedefined

There’s no Moore’s Law for hacking development, yet any individual who takes after cyber security realizes that procedures get bolder and more complex every year. The most recent twelve months saw a few new patterns and one year from now undoubtedly will bring more. Here’s our interpretation of 2016. #Cyberaware #CyberSecurity2016 #InternetSecurity

Soon every device we own and nearly every object we can imagine will be connected to the Internet. According to the Gartner Group by 2020, there will be 21 billion connected devices in a global Internet of Things. So let’s take a look at what are the benefits of IoT that are the reason for this turnaround. #InternetOfThings

Soon in coming years you may have a sensor in your tea maker that can inform the toaster it can start churning out toasts. But we lose sight of the fact that there is some data stored in the tea maker without which the concepts wouldn’t even exist. Read more how cloud computing improves IIoT and its significance in data management. #cloudcomputing #InternetOfThings