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Kids & Parenting

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enFEE is simply, fee payment simplified. It is an extension of our payment gateway product enPay. It provides an online platform for parents to pay their child’s school fees online. The simple, easy to use interface enables even those parents who are perceived to be novices when it comes to using technology. Payment is made with a few easy clicks. It comes in two variants, web based and Android.

How to deal with a child who is a slow learner at school?

pin 1 Height and growth issues in children #enfee #growthissue #children #KidsAndParenting

How to help children handle their addiction to Television?

How to deal with a kid who is a fussy eater?…/how-to-deal-with-a-kid-who-is-a-fussy-ea… ‪#‎enfee‬ ‪#‎fussyeater‬ ‪#‎KidsAndParenting‬

How to help your child overcome the fear of swimming

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How to know and what to do if your teenage child is on drugs

How to soothe your child and his toothache in the middle of the night

enFEE Simple ways to protect your school-going children during the rainy season

Dear parent, The joyous moment of a parent’s life is to have their babies in their arms. With having a baby, comes the responsibility of nurturing them into a capable being who can deliver efficiently in all the aspects of life. But handling a growing kid is a tough job indeed.