Grr I need to quit smoking. DOUBLE EXPOSURE PORTRAITS by Dan Mountford, via Behance

" Dismorfobina "is a series of photographs made ​​by the Spanish artist Natalia Pereira based in Barcelona. A series of portraits whose face was disfigured by a rubber band wrapped tightly around the subject's head reflects " the distortion of our identity when we are desperately trying to fit into a perfect mold that is not ours. An endless quest and need to be what we are not. "

LESSON 1: Objective- Students use brushes and india ink/acrylic to create strokes. Then create a silhouette by photographing each student. Students use these photos & the grid method to draw their silhouette (or a models) onto the painting. Fill in the negative space to create a silhouette similar to this example using black or white backgrounds.

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