The Most Incredible Swimming Pools On Earth

(Photo: Getty Images) If travel is about unplugging from the digital world, there's no better place to do so than a dazzlingly perfect swimming pool. Bodies of water inspire, calm and rejuvenate the...

I want to see a colony of African Rock Penguins in the wild! I work with them at the museum I volunteer at and they are magnificent little birds. Boulders Beach, near Cape Town, South Africa is famous for its colony of adorable African penguins.

Bergen, Norway. This was my favorite town when I visited Norway, Sweden & Denmark. It's just so quaint & charming that you can't help but love it and the Norwegians in general. ASPEN CREEK TRAVEL - mailto:karen@aspe...

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Living next to mountain and river is also kinda of Chinese style. I had no idea Austria would be on my list of places to travel, but after seeing pictures...yes please!!! - Hallstatt, Austria