Self Portrait-Chuck Close (interestingly, this artist has "face blindness", a disorder in which he cannot recognize faces. He paints portraits in order to help him remember even his own face)

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As our desire to attain an idealized human form intensifies we become increasingly uncomfortable with deformity and mutation. My works focus on the power distortion can have on faces, removing any sense of recognisability and familiarity, transforming them into something else. By presenting super realist portraits of distorted forms I aim to uncover the beauty of the grotesque. Drawing with graphite allows for an attention to detail and control no other medium provides. Using such a refined…

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Rut Mackel’s “The Ugly Truth” explores the ugliness and the beauty that exist within each of us. For the project the models were asked to hold a piece of framed clear glass and press their face against it to get various face distortions. Speaking about the project Rut said, “Face is a symbol of personal identity. It’s the mirror or the mask of the self. The mirror either ‘reflects’ or ‘distorts’. Our faces are us. Thus, facial disfigurement can be particularly distressing.”

How much will that hurt to take off!? "Wes Naman has created portraits of his friends using rolls of Scotch Tape to distort their features"

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