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Event Management Courses & Training In UK

Event management courses (EMC) is a leading company offer courses like Professional conference planning, Party planning essentials, Christmas party ever, From PA to event manager and much more in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Surrey, Carlisle, Plymouth. Our courses are available in the evening as well as weekends.
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Planning an event requires a lot of preparation and in order to throw a perfect party one needs to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This is not an easy job and we are here to give several tips on how to become a perfect party planner.


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Event sponsorship is now a well-established part of the classic marketing mix and many brands have an interest and (even better) a budget for it.

Know, know, know! – The Golden Rules of Attracting a Sponsor for Your Event

The Three Must-Have Event Tools You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Party Planning Courses | Events Management Courses

Get Your Event B2B Content Right – Jason Miller from LinkedIn Talks Turkey

To explore your business and management skills EMC provide 2 day course In London and Manchester that introduce business start up, party plans, wedding planning. It gives complete overview of professional event management process and it is design to teach at all level means for beginners as well as experience holders.

Event Planning Course in London, Manchester and Newcastle

In the stage of PA everybody wants to organize and plane party, event and wedding. EMC provide professional event planning and management full day courses for beginners and intermediate. With our realistic and useful information you learn how to design, plan and co-ordinate.

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A comprehensive New Vehicle Experience Study finds that merely providing a satisfying customer experience is not enough to build brand loyalty.

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