beam surrounds the ceiling - better than a beam over the bed, wood tone repeats in beam, door, window trim and end table, artwork looks like a window, ceiling, wall and floor same tone makes this small room look spacious

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If you're in bed right now, it's time to roll out and right into @inbedstore's pop-up bedroom @mildmanners_ gallery on Crown Street. It's open until today, and @woahnellybakes has doughnuts on the go to accompany all the delicious linen. Plus

Sleep is so important. The right bed makes a huge difference in sleep quality. Why would you ever sleep on something other than an amazing bed? We spend a huge amount of our lives sleeping and it has a huge impact on our quality of life.

Everything is beautiful, in it's own way... This board is a display of images I find beautiful! These photos do not belong to me, unless otherwise stated. I'm just enjoying their beauty, I hope you do...

Collection of Rooms — 71 - ShockBlast Rooms -- a wonderful weekly selection of stunning interior design for your inspiration. If you missed the other releases, Click and check them!If you missed the other releases, Click and check them!

Become the curator of your own space // Mix your photos and souvenir with fine contemporary artwork to create a beautiful art collection wall for your home, your own gallery. @ The Print Atelier // Find your place in a new generation of collectors. |

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