This A Level Art sketchbook page shows an investigation into the artwork of Janet Fish by A2 Painting student Nikau Hindin

This AP Studio Art Drawing project by Seokkyun Hong is a great example of how to include imaginary character designs within a high school Art project

Ruth Beeley: St George's School, Hertfordshire England 2011. Sketchbook page for A Level Art Coursework final artwork, exploring the theme of war. Prisoners of war are depicted using biro pen on an ink and acrylic background.

I like this sketchbook due to the dark colours in the background and the technique used to do this. The background is completely filled using paint in layers. The dark browns and reds make a background for the writtten work - these colours are roughly joined with cool colours which make a detailed water and boat scene. I like the way the writing becomes part of he painting. . The overall effect is breathtaking.

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