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Don’t follow your bliss Have you seen this story? Mike Rowe, the guy from the FORD truck commercials and Dirty Jobs, responded to a fan with an answer that would make many managers give him a standing ovation.


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Millennial CEO of Millennial Company Staffed Entirely by Millennials #keynotespeaker #generationalspeaker #motivationalspeaker #generationaltrends #millennials

25% of the US Population and Spending $200 Billion Annually by 2017 #keynotespeaker #motivationalspeaker #generationaltrends #generationalspeaker

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down Those Walls. But Ease In To It, Please.

Who among us wouldn’t love to work from home? No unwelcome interruptions from overly chatty co-workers. Unlimited refills from our own refrigerator and snacks from our own cupboard. Background music of our own choosing and as loud as we like. And, perhaps best of all, no dress requirements. While working from home may seem like a millennial invention, its rise is really just a product of the technology that’s been developed during the millennials’ entrance into the workplace.