so much older (than I can take) - pprfaith The one where Chuck doesn’t die, Raleigh makes them all work off their bucket lists because none of them really thought they’d make it and they are all so young. Also featuring grumpy chefs, pudding, Mako, and emotionally stunted boys.

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To Make You Well - suyari Gipsy Danger goes down in the Pacific. Striker Eureka is deployed to replace her. Chuck and Mako share a moment at Raleigh's bedside.

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Like a tattoo, I'll always have you Raleigh apparently has a very embarrassing tattoo. Or tattoos. Or other questionable decisions he’s made. Chuck’s not entirely sure, but he's damn well going to find out.

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withdrawal - achilleees “He’s mine,” Raleigh growled. “And I want him back.”

crashing the net - achilleees Recently locked down to a five-year contract, Chuck Hansen is just getting comfortable as the superstar captain of an elite hockey team. Only, that's when the team's general manager trades for the incredibly talented but inconsistent goalie Raleigh Becket, who appears to have no ambition whatsoever. And Chuck’s pretty driven, to put it nicely. Clearly they have some stuff to teach each other - and quick, because the Stanley Cup playoffs are just about to start.

Nine-tenths of Happiness - Greyneurosis (Spylace) Raleigh’s been having a one-night stand with the same person for the past seven months.

Revive by Amethystina Chuck never expects to survive Operation Pitfall. And he certainly doesn't expect Raleigh Becket, of all people, to care when it turns out that Chuck has somehow cheated death. It doesn't take long for Chuck to realise that living and surviving isn't exactly the same thing however - especially not with permanent damage he will carry with him for the rest of his life. But maybe, just maybe, he can find ways to make it worthwhile.

male posturing - achilleees “Whip it out, pretty boy,” Raleigh challenges, following after him, step by step, until Chuck is backed into a wall. “That’s what this is about, right? Proving you’re a bigger man than me?” “You’re crazy,” Chuck says uncertainly.

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