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Felted Sculptures

Felted Sculptures, Fiber Sculptures, Felting. created by Julie C Farmer.
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Tiny Bear. For some reason his legs look shorter than they actually are. I made this to go on a key ring but couldn't bring my self to push a whole through his head to put they key chain.

Two little mice made from an acrylic ball of wall. I pulled all the strands apart and felted them together. I think they look quite good.

this is a little pink teddy/pig bear. She stands about 3 inches. She is made from felting wool and fits in the palm of your hand. This is not a teddy for a child. She is for sale as £9.99 plus post and package.

Medievil Woman. This piece is created from 100 felting wool and acrylic hair. She is for sale for £15.99 plus post and package.

Felted Snow Angel. This piece is made from wool with acrylic felt used as a base. This piece is available for sale at £15.99 plus P&P

Reading at Grandmas. This felted sculpture is made from felting wool. I also used pipe cleaners for the chair. This piece is for sale at £24.99. If you are interested please contact me.