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As you fill the entries in your child’s online journal over the years, you’ll likely find that they are comprised of a mix of memories that are both interesting and mundane. Some will be nothing more than a quick note telling about a random day, whereas others will commemorate large-scale events that immediately take you and your child back to a particular time and place.

A common misconception is that au pair is just a fancier term for a nanny. This isn’t the case, however. Au pair is actually an official term given to a foreign childcare provider who meets certain qualifications that were set out by the United States Information Agency (USIA) in 1986.

Although you might have found a family you click with and negotiated a satisfactory wage (within legal range for your state according to the Fair Labor Standards Act), around the playground you might hear whispers of fabulous benefits other nannies enjoy and wonder if you’re missing out.

The push to go green encompasses much more than teaching children to preserve energy and respect the environment. Many households, adults and children alike have chosen to eat green as well, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

From peeking at someone else’s cards during a game of “Go Fish!” to copying answers on a test as an adolescent, the stark reality is that some children cheat. Everything from peer pressure and fear to the available means to take the easy way out, along with a variety of other factors, can cause children to cheat.

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