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DOWN DRAFT TABLE DUST COLLECTORS A downdraft table is an integrated industrial dust collector and production table in one machine which is used to collect dust from operations such as sandering, grinding, polishing or welding. It is classified as a pollution control device and is used to safeguard worker health. The downdraft tables can be self contained or connected to a centralized dust collection system.

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Portable Dust Collector with Downdraft Table for Aluminium Casting Industry

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Dust Collection System for WoodProcessing Plant Dynavac® has provided 4 wood dust extraction systems (model no. DCW5F2). Each of these wood dust collecter systems are connected tothe wood processing machines with 3 ducts, each duct having a diameter of 100 mm.

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Wood Dust Collector for Cashew Nut Processing We have supplied a wood dust collector (model DCW2F1)which is connected to both the peeling machines through ducting & flexible hose.

Flame Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Polyester Manufacturing Plant. Due to the nature of polyester and customer site specific requirements, Dynavac®provided the Hydra 5 SSFL machine. This industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners is made with stainless steel and has a 5 HP flame proof motor. The power cables were copper flexible cable with double seal insulation.

REVERSE PULSEJET BAGHOUSE DUST COLLECTORS Dynavac® Reverse Pulse Jet Bag House Dust Collectors are built tough to work in the most difficult factory environments. Our Bag House dust collectors come equipped with an automatic cleaning system which jets of compressed to clean the bag filter. Bag house industrial dust collectors are the largest dust collectors available in the market and are the preferred designs in locations where large quantities of dust are produced.

Dynavac® manufactures a wide range of dust collectors to match your site specific requirements. We have both bag type filter as well as cartridge type filter based machines.

Dynavac® has an extensive line of portable dust collectors to match your production requirements. Our portable dust collectors can be used in applications where a fixed station is not required. We offer multiple filter options, including: bag filter / cartridge filter.

CARTRIDGE FILTER DUST COLLECTORS Dynavac® Cartridge Filter Dust Collectors use cartridge filters which are lined with a pleated non-woven filtering media. Dynavac® Dust Collectors with Cartridge Filters also use a Reverse Pulse Jet auto cleaning system. Cartridge Dust Collection Systems are best suited for applications where dust is fine and also for certain shapes of dust. Depending on your specific requirement.

Central vacuum cleaning systems are designed to support multiple operators who require vacuum cleaning or vacuum pickup on demand. These systems maintain vacuum while the airflow changes, depending on the number of users operating it. To the operator, this means performance doesn’t change as the number of operators change.