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To make your trading in Nifty Options easier, it's improtant to understand greeks like Delta and Theta.


Read some of the investment techniques that spoke about how these investing styles can be used to make money in stock markets and brought great wealth.


How much money should you spend in the share market for trading? Learn the basic principles of successful trading and investing in the stock market.


The blog is about fundamental analysis and how it can help in evaluating the potential of a stock. The concept of fundamental analysis has been discussed in general terms and a few familiar terms of fundamental analysis have been discussed at length. Read more...

For an investor, it’s intrinsic that he has a purpose in mind even before he puts the first penny at risk in the market. Know what the investor is expecting from the market as far as his investments are concerned.

Century Enka Limited (CEL) is an India-based company engaged in the manufacturing of synthetic yarn, has been identified as a multibagger stock for 2015. Know more about this recommended multibagger stock.

Why are options so popular with stock market traders? What makes these financial instruments so versatile? What are Nifty options and Nifty option spreads? Get answers to all your questions at one place.

A diverse investment portfolio is the key to playing it safe in the unpredictable stock markets. Read more about investing in small, mid and large caps properly to remain in profitability.

This blog is about some option strategy basics. Learn about the different option spreads and the two types of strangle and the two types of straddle.

This article gives you an understanding of the bearish and bullish stock markets once you know how the behavior of 2 animals is compared with the stock market.