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Shanghai Tower - China | Community Post: Thrilling & Jaw Dropping Places You Must Visit Before You Turn 30

Smart Grid - é a rede inteligente de distribuição de energia http://www.siemens.com.br/desenvolvimento-sustentado-em-megacidades/smart-grid.html

Shanghai, China. Why wait to study, travel, and experince one of the most rapidly changing and exciting places in the world? Changing education in a changing world. http://www.globalstudyexpo.com/

The London Eye is a work of modern architecture in a city of old charm. What a beautiful sunset background - London, England

Westminster Abbey, London. (I love that some of the iconic images that are foreigners interpretations of London are here; which makes me think - were they Photoshopped on? The Red London buses, Red British phone boxes, now sadly defunct, and the iconic BMC 'Mini')

The Natural History Museum, London. /// Been there once and was too young to properly appreciate it. I'd like to go again.