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Channel the Invisible Energy of Heavenly Bodies to Produce Positive Impact in Life

Astrology prepares a birth chart of a person which shows the birth ascendant , moon sign sun sing and position of planets , time period , when planets transits , and their influence on a person .For more information read here.


Lal kitab (red book), written in 19th century, on astrology and palmistry contains remedies for various planter afflictions. Read for more information.

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Vastu principles are related to a building or house. Every direction in vastu has some energy and is seat of a particular lord. For more details read here.

Increase the positive energy in life by adopting principles of astrology and vastu

A top astrologer will take great care to mark the position of the planets on the chart for right interpretations. Read here for more information.

Both astrology and vastu shastra tries to attract the positive energy by eliminating the negative energy in life. For more information read here.

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Vastu consultants suggest finer alteration of houses and offices to change the flow of energy. They suggest different activities of a house or office, to fixed direction to gain from the energy flow. Read for more detail.