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Narrowboat kitchen pic 1, from NCM carpentery. I haven't seen a lot of boat kitchens that look like house kitchens, but this one does in all the best ways. I'm not sure about the counter drain board though (seems grotty and impractical).

White kitchen with wooden worktops and metro tiles

Want kitchen design ideas? Take a look at this classic white kitchen with metro tiles for inspiration

Beautifully carved bench top with integrated draining board.

Rangemaster Toledo 110 in gunmetal with the matching hood. Tiles from Topps Tiles "chic" range. Apparently they are exactly the same as some at Fired Earth. Come in shades of grey/white in crackled glaze. The one we thought we ordered was bright white "Chic Blanco" but alas....they were up before I could correct the error. Nice enough though.