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Time, as you know it to be, is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Events appear to be crammed into an improbably short space. It is crucial that you come to completion with the life themes that tether you to this reality. It is crucial that you attain a state of detachment from the energy charges that have magnetized you throughout this lifetime.And it is crucial that you allow yourself the grace of your own humanness in responding to these recurring situations - and love yourself for…

Zimbabwean boy with blue eyes.The photographer, Vanessa Bristow, called it The Boy with the Sapphire Eyes.

I wonder if this is a contact or just a crazy wild iris … regardless of reality or not, its really neat.

Taken in 1984, 8 years before I was even born, this portrait remains one of the most compelling photographs ever taken. From the first moment I saw this picture, I was captivated.

Practising self control is no different from getting better at golf or playing the piano.

In certain Arab nations it is customary for the women to cover almost everything whenever in public. I am not a big fan of this, however the one thing that is beautiful is the fact the eyes are one of the only things seen and so you slowly fall in love with a women's eyes. They eyes are the first thing of beauty that are noticed.