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For enjoying life and bringing to you all you want, understanding how to do that.~~~Says Kat Miller!!!


Chant for hair growth... Chant 108 times thrice a day


Clear misunderstandings btwn loved ones


Anti aging gene Lloyd Mear Number


To get relief from mosquitoes.


40 Beautiful Ankle Bracelet Designs

Beautiful Ankle Bracelet Designs (5)

Pest Control

SWITCHTUDE Family Harmony Grid- Rose Quartz with SW & Frequency How to use: Take a color print out and in the center write the family members names or place a family picture (avoid the names and pictures to overlap over the rose quartz) 2. Get it laminated and place it in your alter (mandir) or some place secure where it will not be disturbed or touched. (no under pillow, no water charge, no computer/mobile screen or WhatsApp/fb dp) BLESSED BE

Vaastu EC for clearing clutter in the house

For all home appliances