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Monica Nagpal

Dr Monica Nagpal founded a simple and unique technique called Harmonic Life Therapy (HLT) in order to summarize and create an easy to understand way of staying healed and empowered all the time.
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Feel Good about yourself – Quick tips

My Family loves me. My Friends love me. My Colleagues love. My Neighbours love me.

I am feeling the divin blessings. I am accepting divine blessings. Dr.Monica Nagpal

Sharing the joys is an act of charity, Be Charitable if you have it conserve it you don't

Understanding grows inthe of togetherness nurture... there

Explanations are a source of making the bond stronger but it thid becomes the way of living the it's the root of compromise makint the bond weaker

Dr Monica Nagpal Founder & CEO

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Meditation Instant Results – Monica Nagpal A beautiful guided meditation that let you experience the silence and serenity of this amazing Universe.

Why expectations are barrier in your abundance ?