EC for Sinus problems

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For Sinus problems

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GUESS – stop procrastinating/analyzing/waiting, do it.

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Over - end frustration

In her book, left, Liz Dean, right, outlines the theory behind switch words and list over 200 that you can use

Be a strong presence, clarify the situation, access Universal Knowledge, bring solidarity and unity in social relationships, as well as relationship with self, be a guiding light.

Telomeres (for youth and longevity). Science has discovered that each time cells divide, your telomeres, the tips at the ends of your chromosomes, lose part of their informational coding. In other words the shorter the telomeres, the sicker the person is and the shorter life span he will experience. In this course we will re-establish the lost codes and expand your telomeres activating your youth and vitality genes and you will experience the shifts as we work with them.

Kat's Switchphrase for December 31, 2013: DIVINE-NEW-WAVE-BE. (Create miracles, form innovation, unstoppable restoration, invigoration, turn over a new leaf, embark on or continue the optimal journey, maintain peace and wellness, unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy.) I am presenting this in a Clarifying Power Sustaining Energy Circle. More on Switchwords at and on Energy Circles at

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