Early 2000s...long before our new outdoor display screens!

Brian Buss's father was the first caretaker at Dorking Halls: "I vividly remember coming to live at the Halls when only four and moved out after I married in 1949. This photo is of my father standing outside of the main entrance in the very early 1930s before a function. He is in his smart commissionaire’s uniform he was issued with along with his white gloves and his WW1 medals. As children we always knew of his approach by the noise they made hitting one another."

Dorking Halls decorated for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953.

Dorking Halls post-war commercial exhibition.

Floor cleaning looked more elegant in the 30s.

Dorking Halls' Grand Hall decked out for a function. We wish we knew what was on the menu!

The Olympic Torch entering Dorking in 1948 and 2012

Have you spotted our outdoor screens yet?

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