ganesh chaturthi

Although celebrated all across India, Ganesh Chaturthi (or Vinayak Chaturthi, as it's also known) is a really important festival especially in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in the Deccan and South India.
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Set in double glass royal ornamental frames and embodied in Swiss Technology 24 carat gold plated foil, these are a definite buy for personal use or for gifting.

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Diviniti brings for you 24 carat gold plated MDF Royale Frames made from Swiss Technology. Add on to your walls’ grace by hanging these enticing and elegant frames on them. Your space surely deserves that extra Midas touch.

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From the house of Diviniti, we bring you desktop accessories for enhancing the look of your space.

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Diviniti. Ganesh Chaturthi

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Diviniti. Ganesh Chaturthi

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