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35 Years Of Dharma

Dharma Productions completed 35 Years on 8th October, 2015.
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The best thing about memories is making them & #YJHD is one such priceless memory! #35YearsOfDharma

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Words to swear by! #35YearsOfDharma #KalHoNaaHo

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Dostana broke box-office records and became a cult of its time. #DharmaMilestone #35YearsOfDharma

A film, a role which went on to become a classic and paved way for Amitabh Bachchan’s first national award. #DharmaMilestone #35YearsOfDharma

This duo gave us some of the best memories. #35YearsOfDharma

#Baahubali took the country by storm and created history with its Box-Office collection! #35YearsOfDharma

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Heart-warming storylines, Stellar megastar casts, Record box-office collections… A legacy that paved way into the hearts of the audience completes 35 glorious years on 8th October.

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