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In spite of the competition, #MSExcel from Microsoft has become synonymous with spreadsheets. That they are considered to be an essential #computer skill bears testimony of their utility. These shortcuts will be of immense help to those who are new to the #software and also save time for seasoned #users.


But what if you want to paint those cells red and write ‘absent’ in such ‪#‎cells‬. Learn such nifty little tricks along with several advanced applications in ‪#‎MSExcel‬ to manage your ‪#‎data‬ like a pro.


#MSExcel needs no introduction as spreadsheet program. As part of the MS Office suite it has been a regular software skill expected from employees across the globe regardless their roles or levels. But the utility of MS Excel in the world of #BigData is not so widely acknowledged due to the lack of awareness.


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Commonly Found Dashboard Mistakes in Excel

Data dumping is one of the most mistakes with Excel Dashboards. But you can learn to correct them with a #VBA #course in #Delhi. To know more about the common dashboard mistakes read our latest blog post here.

The new trending job position in the employment sector these days is the position of #data #analyst. While many are keen on banking such a hefty pay check with that attractive job role, but there is still some confusion as to what are the eligibility requirements for that position are. Here in this latest blog post we have discussed the skill-set requirements for aspiring data scientists.

Few are aware of the tremendous ability to analyze ‪#‎data‬ by the popular spreadsheet program ‪#‎MSExcel‬ through a set of in-built tools and an add-in program.

Learn the secrets to excel in your career with #Excel!

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‪#‎MSExcel‬ has acquired such an iconic status that to many it remains synonymous with ‪#‎spreadsheets‬. Additionally its learning curve is not that steep and you will be able to get up and running in little time.