The black thin knit jumper goes over a shirt or underneath a blazer or denim jacket.

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A tank top is great for the summertime. Wear with a cool pair of light denim shorts.

A pair of loose fit jeans is really cool, but wear it a tight shirt so it isn't to baggy.

Velvet pants is a very old school, so remember to match it with a print t-shirt or colourful accessorizes.

A black pair of 5 pocket pants is also a must have. Cuff them to give them a new look.

A black tee with a cool print. Use it with a pair of blue stone denims or a coral pair of shorts in the summer.

The black polo is a must have. It goes with ... well everything!!

The black bomber/college jacket has been in style for a while and it is still a trend! Goes perfectly together with a pair of black denims!

The black wool coat is an item that lasts for several winters. It is a classic colour and look and the quality is excellent.

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