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Heli Vincent inc. , which is one of the biggest names in Quebec for helicopter and airplanes leasing. To be precise, flying has always been his own forte, and he has worked with some of the best names in business and completed great deals.
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Denis Vincent worked extensively to establish his own company, Heli Vincent inc., which specializes in dry leasing and sales of airplanes and helicopters. http://www.helivincent.com

Denis Vincent is one of the most known names in Canada and is extremely appreciated for his hard work.

Denis Vincent is among the most trusted and popular business personalities in Quebec and other parts of Canada, where he has worked with some of biggest industries, including mining and real estate.

Si vous êtes autour de Québec et vérifiez la liste des personnalités d'affaires les plus apprécié, un nom que vous entendrez certainement est celui de Denis Vincent. http://www.helivincent.com

If you follow the world of business in Canada, you may come across many names, including Denis Vincent – a man who is more than just the industries he has worked with.

Denis Vincent is always very vocal about his love for many industries and his passion for the country, which is why he has constantly tried to better the chances for many.

Denis Vincent is one of the most renowned and well-established names in various industries in Canada. Based out of Quebec, Denis started in the workforce at a young and eventually found his passion in entrepreneurship.

Denis can be best described as a man of many accomplishments. He is the owner of Heli Vincent Inc. – a company that deals in sales and dry leasing of airplanes and helicopters. He has worked in the field of real estate for almost 15 years and is involved in labour subcontracting in the mining industry.

Denis Vincent, started off as a sales worker and worked for others, then launched his own company- Heli Vincent, which specializes in dry leasing and sales of airplanes and helicopters since 1997.

Denis Vincent est également le propriétaire d'Héli Vincent, qui est une société connue qui se spécialise dans la vente et la location d’avions et d’hélicoptères.

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