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Paushtic Roti: This roti is a nutritious combination of a cereal and a pulse along with a green leafy vegetable, enhanced further by the addition of milk or curds. All of these contribute to make this dish rich in folic acid, iron, protein and calcium. Have these rotis instead of the plain whole wheat chapatis we usually eat.

punjabi methi missi roti recipe – a traditional north indian flat bread made with whole wheat flour, gram flour, fenugreek leaves and spices. healthy breakfast or good tiffin box snack. 

Don't settle for bland bajra Rotis! Feast on these delicious cauliflower Rotis instead. The grated garlic and spring onions really rev up the flavour of these Rotis. Ensure that you roll the Rotis immediately once the dough is kneaded, else it may turn soft and pose a problem while rolling. These Rotis are cooked on direct flame to avoid the use of oil and make them crisp.

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