Better the Devil you know

This board demonstrates a section of our range. How to become a devil with out buying a complete packet costume. Standing out from the crowd this year
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How about a full Mask made out of soft latex can come with fitted elastic to make the mouth move when you talk. Add a Red or Black long cloak and you have a winning outfit with a fiery difference.

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Now this is new Half mask with horns and chin all sold separately. Spirit gum included in each pack. Red water based face paint and stage blood best and most effective is the dark blood.

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She Devil Dress excellent quality. Suitable for hire as well as sell through. Accessories sold separately.

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No Devil is complete with out a Trident!

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UV Red Devil Contact lenses 12 months

Red cat's eye's will give you a different sharp look

Instead of a full mask. How about this half mask. Use mastik/ spirit gum to fix it on and either blend with Red water based face paint. Add some dramatic dark lines round the jaw line to make the extra effect.

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