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This is our place and home to jole rider's Bikes4Africa programme.

One of the first bespoke mountain bikes built to order at The Bike Shed. This one was for Tom.

Day 4 interim stop at the wonderful hill top church of Emita de Bonany near Petra, Mallorca, Spain. So peaceful, so beautiful.

Three of this year's Peloton on the peak at Bonany, Mallorca, Spain at stop two after coffee in Sineu. Ryan [L] ,Steve and Graeme [R].

And this where you arrive after a fantastic mountain hill climb out of Pollenca, Cap de Formentor, Mallorca, Spain. If you forget the seascape it looks a tad like Mont Ventoux, but maybe a fraction easier to get to.

Lake Cuber is an amazing sight on the descent of Puig Major [highest peak on the island] running down the MA-10 towards [the even more impressive] Sa Colabra, Mallorca, Spain.

These guys have just ridden through the Cathedral Gap [a narrow separation of the rocks] on their way up Sa Colabra, Mallorca, Spain. We just missed our own peloton - oops!

Now this is the baby - or more likely the Nemesis! And what you see is not even the half of it. This is Sa Colabra, Mallorca, Spain. It takes 18min to drive it from bottom to top. In May2015 our peloton hill climber did it in just 44min. Well done Ryan H Spellman! You not only conquered it, you floored it.